CHEAP SEX DVD respects the privacy of all users on our website and ensures that the personal information you provide us is treated confidentially. We appreciate the trust you place in us and we will make every effort to protect your personal information. We are completely transparent about the personally identifiable information we collect and why we ask those information of you. If desired, you can cancel your account with us at all times, so that all your information will be deleted.

What personal information is stored?
To process your order we need your name, email address and the shipping address where we can send your order to. This information is stored by us in your account, that you create during the order process in our store. 

How can I see my data and, if necessary, modify or delete this data? 
After you created an account, you can login on our Web shop. You can then view and modify your personal data at all times or correct. If you wish to delete your account, send us an email at: with the question to delete your account. We will delete your account and all its personal data and any order-history. If you want to order again, you will need to sign up again in our webshop.

What is the retention period of my data?
The retention period of your data is up to you. As long as you have an account in our webshop, we store your data. If you indicate that you want to cancel your account with our webshop, than all your personal data will be removed from our system. 

Will personal information be shared with third parties?
No, we use your information only for the performance of your order. Your name, email and address information are the minimum information we need for the delivery of your order and providing information about your order. We work together with known carriers such as DHL, DPD, Post NL etc. They receive from us the package with your name and address. Furthermore, there is no exchange rather than data for evt. other purposes.

Will I receive mails from you? and can I opt out?
When you have placed an order and paid for at CHEAP SEX DVD, you will receive information regarding the progress of your order on the e-mail address that you provided to us. We will inform you on your e-mail address, when your payment is received, and when your order is sent. Furthermore, we send on a regular basis (on average 2x per month) an e-mail to our customers containing information about other products. If you do not want this, you can easily at all times opt out of these e-mails. You can do that by clicking at the bottom of the e-mail on the "Unsubscribe" button. Your e-mail address is deleted from our mailing list and you will receive no further mails from us.

Will my data be kept safe?
All of the above personal data are stored on a secure server by means of HTTPS/SSL technology. When using HTTPS, the data is sent encrypted. This means your data is very well protected against malicious parties, and it is virtually impossible for evt. hackers to obtain these data.

Will my order be neutrally packaged?
All of our orders are neutral packaged, it is impossible to see on the outside of the package what the content is. Also, the sender of the package and the name on the account do not give any indication about the product you have ordered.

How can I contact you?
You can at any time send an e-mail at the address: You will receive an answer to your question within 24 hours.